About Us

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The Theatre Downtown Story

Theatre Downtown was founded in 2006 by Billy Ray Brewton and Cindy deSa, and is now operated by a Board of Directors as a 501(c)3 non-profit entity. Theatre Downtown is dedicated to exposing Birmingham audiences to the most entertaining, engaging, and innovative shows – both past and present – as well as serving as an outlet for original works and other artistic endeavors.

Originally located inside the former Playhouse location on Third Avenue North, Theatre Downtown moved from there to a temporary basement location at Birmingham AIDS Outreach before moving to the Fifth Avenue Antiques location from 2009 -November 2019. We are currently searching for a new permanent home and we hope you will seek us out as we change venues. Please contact us if you come across the perfect space!

We always need volunteers to help us sell concessions, greet audience members at the door – and we’ll even let you see the show for free if you help out! Email us at info@theatredowntown.org to get more information.

Corporate Officers

President: Sara James

Vice President: Alex Ungerman

Treasurer: Jennifer Strickland

Secretary: Lesli Johnson

Director of Marketing: Lee Green

Director of Social Media Marketing: Karen Marie Black

Board of Directors

Chairman of the Board – Mike Cunliffe
Rich Mansfield
Marlena Elliot
Karen Marie Black
Jesse Byron
Matthew Whaley
Jared Funderburg
Lee Green
Sara James
Lesli Johnson
Hayes Killian
Bates Redwine
Alex Ungerman
Flannery Whaley
Blake Tanner
Jennifer Strickland